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The following educators will chair the five working groups that comprise the higher education plan: Camden County College President Donald Borden and.

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On the wall in front of them a live 3D rendering of Hubble is projected onto the wall — its orientation and position in orbit kilometers above the Earth presented in real time for everyone in the room to see. When a giant space telescope was first seriously proposed in the s, Nasa insisted that its primary mirror had to be the largest, smoothest piece of glass ever created. The polishing team at Perkin Elmer did such a perfect a job of making it smooth that had their 2. Such unprecedented smoothness took these devoted optical engineers over three years of polishing to achieve; often working around the clock, seven days a week.

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Indeed, the craftsmanship of Bud Rigby and his polishing team was so ahead of its time that the new digital camera technologies inserted into the telescope by subsequent space shuttle servicing missions would not match its precision until , some thirty years after the mirror had been manufactured. The fact that the telescope remains at the cutting edge of cosmology, a quarter of a century after its construction, is a tribute to their outstanding skill. The size of the universe is expanded hundreds and hundreds of times in just one sighting.

Since the retirement of the space shuttle, no more servicing missions have been possible and the Hubble operations team expect their instrument to deteriorate significantly in the coming years. In preparation for that time the team is pioneering procedures to work around this problem.

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Thanks to the devotion of this team at Nasa Goddard, and the engineers at Perkin Elmer who first imagined the impossible and then made it a reality, Hubble continues to inspire us all. Bar none. The first is that he is completely undetectable by technology, making him effectively invisible to any form of electronic scanning or surveillance.

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This is due to the complex nano-machines that make up his mask and costume. He can learn and retain new information and master skills faster than most people. He can even accurately assist with complex medical procedures after only reading a textbook. And then, of course, there is his tech.

With the aforementioned nano-machines, his mask is capable of long-distance mental communication with his T-Spheres.

What are T-Spheres? They can project holograms, hack into computer systems, and are strong enough to hold up Mister Terrific, giving him the ability of flight.

They are also useful weapons, capable of shooting electricity or acting as fast-moving blunt flying objects, as well as detonating with tremendous explosive force if need be. On top of all that, Holt is an expert hand-to-hand fighter with six different black belts in martial arts , speaks several languages, and is an intelligent and strategic leader. Any ideas? Also, the second Checkmate series — is an amazing read.

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