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The following educators will chair the five working groups that comprise the higher education plan: Camden County College President Donald Borden and.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A modern day pirate in a steam punk era knows that a man has invented something to harness the power of the sun. He knows that this knowledge is worth a fortune in this world and has the resources to take it away from him. Unfortunately, he has a niece that is just as smart as he is and thwarts his every attempt to steal the device, but maybe third times a charm.

Book A modern day pirate in a steam punk era knows that a man has invented something to harness the power of the sun. Book Extract I watched for two weeks as my men worked on a huge balloon that would accommodate at least 3 men and myself. They finally made three of these crafts and we were ready to take to the skies in the morning.

I pulled out my pocket watch and read the display and made a note that our attack would take place at 7am. I got into the balloon and the helium was blown into the chamber making it rise into the sky. I turned and saw that the other 2 balloons had also taken flight and we were ready to go after them again. If you get the girl, make sure she is neutralized. I heard a loud pop and looked over to see one of the balloons had a puncture that went from one end and right out the other side.

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The balloon soon began to free fall to the water and crashed. There were screams and I could tell that 2 of the men were dead and floating face down in the water.


The other guy was wading back the way he came and his arm was twisting in an unnatural angle. I think he either broke it in the fall or snapped it out of the socket. Suddenly, there was another pop and the other balloon beside us fell too. This time the balloon caught on fire and my men were set ablaze.


I watched in horror as the men inside the balloon tried to put out the fire, but finally decided to jump while still engulfed in flames. Their bodies spiralled down and hit the water with a sickening sound. They submerged under the water and surfaced with no more life in their bodies. I was aghast with what I was seeing.

Dead Soul Tribe - My Dying Wish

She was standing there with a determined look on her face and holding something oval in her hands. She pointed it in my direction and a beam of light came shooting across the sky. The beam struck my hat that sat high on my head and I felt my skull turn to fire. One of my men grabbed my hat and took it off my head and tossed it over the side of the balloon.

I looked down and saw my hat was on fire and doing flips and turns in the air, until it landed in the water.


I was now hat-less and everyone could see that the only hair I had was the long dark ponytail that travelled down my muscular back. I grabbed the hat off the nearest guy and hid my shameful secret. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 18 pages. Inuyasha is a demon called an "Inugami" a Japanese dog demon generally summoned for revenge killings able to possess people and cause them to act irrationally even suicidal and homicidal, now obviously Inuyasha is a severly watered down tv friendly version of this demon but hos the pysical description fits.

Now as a demon or even half demon, inuyasha possess dark demonic energy, its where his power comes from, regardless of his moral alignments with good or evil, his power is from an evil source as is the batosai his sword. Now, that being said Spawns body is composed from a substance know as Necroplasim, the substance most of the demon Malebolgia's level of hell is composed of as are many of the demons in that Hell. It is a subtance of pure evil given a somewhat malleable form, now, Spawns Symbiotic costum was created to feed off of sin, its how it feeds and grows and also another source of power for spawn.

Any energy or attack against spawn from inuyasha would do little damage to spawn as his suit and body would simply absorb that energy, it would cause physical damage yes but the suit would simply resource that energy to repair itself and its host.

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Not to mention Spawn in life was highly trained and decorated Special Ops agent skilled in hand to hand combat and skilked with nearly every know weapon including melee weapons such as knives and swords as he has demonstrated numerous time in the comics. Spawns powers without the costume are still only limited to the power of his imagination, anything he thinks he can do, he can. In the beginning of the spawn series Spawns powers have a set limit due to his deal with Malebolgia, he was given enough energy to see his wife and to advance the progression of his costumes evolution and power, when Spawn uses his powers to heal his friend Terry, he uses so much of his energy that he is returned to hell for a period and eventually is returned many issues later.

Thanks to Cogliostro and the Man of Mirac4les secretly as the guardian of the greenworld and the death of Malebolgia, spawn rids himself of the hell counter that limited his full power.

Now when Spawn became a god his powers were equal to that of his universes God and Satan only he kept his hellspawn powers and greenworld powers. Now at no point in the series EVERY do inuyasha's physical or spiritual power increase unless enhanced by the shicone jewel or his sword and even then its still demonic energy. And yes I am aware that the jewel was originally created to purify demons, but then it was tainted in could also dramatically increase the power of a person or demon, but again this is with a tainted dark energy, something spawns suit could have a buffet on.

Its seen in the curse of spawn series of angels and demons conversing with aliens and interdimentional beings. The greek god live on earth, making them more empowered immortals rather than gods. The simple fact that there are millions of god ruleing their own galaxies begs the question of "who or what was the source? Also the 12 Apostles werent angels they were older and stronger versions of heavens anti-spawn known as The Redeemer, who in fact started as mortals imbued with Heavenly Fire.

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