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The following educators will chair the five working groups that comprise the higher education plan: Camden County College President Donald Borden and.

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His willingness to thumb his nose at the party in which he was running tapped into a clear tea-party impulse. In fact, Ms. Martin guesses that Mr.

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Trump consciously tracked the anger identified by the tea party. That was particularly true, she said, when Mr. Trump talked about blocking immigrants at the Mexican border and denying amnesty to those already here illegally.

But beyond the economy and the border, there are disconnects—important ones—ranging from the abstract to the practical. The tea-party movement is suspicious of a powerful president, and Mr. Trump talks about using the presidency to force a variety of changes, on immigration policy, corporate decision-making and even libel law.

Meckler said. Tea partiers also tend to be fierce deficit hawks, and Mr.

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There also is suspicion of his malleability on issues, Ms. Martin said.

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He has proposed a big tax-cut plan but has said its details are negotiable, and in recent days has sounded open to an increase in the minimum wage. He has hired as chief fundraiser a financier who used to work for Goldman Sachs, a hated symbol of big banks. The upshot is that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, not Mr. Trump, became the candidate for many in the tea-party movement.

With Mr.

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Cruz gone from the race, Mr. Meckler guesses that tea-party enthusiasts today are split down the middle on whether or not to support Mr. So the biggest danger for Mr. Write to Gerald F.