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With a grim smile, he followed her out of the salon. As they walked down a narrow hallway, the train of her gown forced him to stay at least three feet behind her. Entering a private office, he took a seat in front of a large oak desk as Chantrel skirted the furniture to sit before him. The auction was for one night with Helen and nothing more. With fluid strokes, he wrote his marker on the back of the card and slid it across the desktop toward her. He moved down the corridor to the front hall at a furious pace.

He was acting completely out of character tonight. What was he thinking to buy a woman like a prize mare? Devin was waiting for him in the foyer, and Sebastian quietly demanded his overcoat from the footman at the door.

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An image of her in his bed tantalized his thoughts for only a brief moment before he closed himself off the idea. Retrieving his favorite watch from his vest pocket, he examined the face of the timepiece then snapped it closed. I just learned the auction was for only one night with the woman. Did people really think him devoid of compassion? Angry, he scowled at his friend and the footman who was curiously watching their exchange. His behavior in the past hour had been irrational and impulsive—the exact opposite of his usual conduct. It was infuriating. Descending the steps, he paced the sidewalk as he waited on his carriage.

And it was quite understandable why the Marquess had wanted the woman. Images of a voluptuous thigh and full breasts teased his thoughts. Christ Jesus. Had he really bought the woman out of pity or because he wanted to rut with her. His body tensed at the erotic images darting through his head.

OBSESSION The Reckless Rockwoods Book 1

Suppressing a groan, he tried to think about where he could send the woman. The sound of his shoes scraping against the stone walkway grated on Sebastian, much in the way the entire day had. There was something very familiar about her. Where had he seen her before? He shrugged with exasperation. His pacing ceased at the sound of carriage wheels rumbling over cobblestone.

What had happened to the self-control he prided himself on? The rest of the Rockwoods were habitual in their irrational behavior, but not him. Not since childhood had he succumbed to such illogical or unexpected deportment. Behind him, the door to the brothel snapped open. Sebastian immediately turned his head to see Devin leaving the establishment. I should have known better. You did right by the woman. We both know what sort of man I am, Devin.

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Hardly a doddering old man. Across from him sat his high-priced acquisition.

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He barely cast a glance in her direction before staring out the window. What in the blue blazes was he going to do with her? He sighed wearily and closed his eyes. Louisa would no doubt attempt to take his new charge under her wing, which meant explanations. Then there was the problem of seeing to her clothing, determining what skills she possessed, and finding her employment.

The answer irritated him. Annoyed with himself, Sebastian clenched his jaw at the thought. Lust, and a desire to thwart Templeton, had driven him to buy her. But he was in his right mind again. A veil obscured her features. What was wrong with her? Something inside him stirred.

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  7. He wanted to see that succulent figure of hers again. See those wide green eyes. I simply want to see your face when I talk to you. She could have been a statue if not for the soft flutter of her veil from her breathing. Outside, the clouds parted and moonlight suddenly streamed through the carriage window. The cape she wore had fallen open to reveal her barely covered voluptuous curves, and he sucked in a sharp breath as the glow of the moon poured over her.

    They were stiff beneath the sheer fabric, and his fingers itched to touch her. Would those delicious nipples taste hot against his tongue? Far too long. She intrigued him. Tempted him. Christ Jesus, how she tempted him. Just the sight of her sitting across from him wearing next to nothing made him rock hard. His gaze dropped to the apex of her thighs and the dark curls visible through the sheer white fabric of her chemise.

    The sudden thought of filling her with his cock made his mouth go dry. Mesmerized by the erotic visions flashing through his head, Sebastian stretched out his hand toward her. Lightly, his fingertips brushed across one nipple. A second later, he jerked back.

    Now he was acting no better than the Marquess. Angered by his lack of control, he gritted his teeth. A cloud passed over the moon, casting her features into the shadows. When moonlight drifted through the window once more, he stared at her face. Society would never deem her a classic beauty, but there was something compelling about her large, almond-shaped eyes.

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    Familiar eyes. Where the devil had he seen her before? Outrage glistened in the deep green of her eyes, and he waved his hand in a gesture of exasperation. He wanted to slide his mouth over every inch her. He longed to suckle her nipples until she cried out with pleasure then stroke that tender nub between her folds until she coated his fingers with hot cream. He swallowed hard at the images flooding his head. With greater difficulty than he was accustomed too, Sebastian pushed the images out of his mind and waited for her to speak. Frustration evident in her luminous eyes, a single tear trickled down a pale cheek.

    Bloody hell, she was going to cry. The memory of the auction made him grimace.

    He supposed it was to be expected. She reminded him of his sisters when they were upset. Every time a woman cried, he wanted to leave the room until they stopped wailing. It was damned uncomfortable listening to them sob. He abruptly stretched out his hand to wipe the tear away. The expression in her eyes made him frown. Sebastian stared at her for a long minute before he closed his eyes at his stupidity. Chantrel had used sweet vitriol or some other narcotic to immobilize her prize.

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    Flinging himself back against the black leather seat, he folded his arms. He was struck by the fact that her eyes told him more than he ever thought possible. Outrage remained, but hope flickered in the beautiful eyes fixed on his face. The feel of the gold pocket watch against the pads of his fingers always soothed him. Noting the time, he tucked it back into his pocket. Can you possibly blink your eyes?