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She was feisty and fun. Would Trade For. I enjoyed out the protagonist, who is a historian that was asked to write a long awaited biography, stays true to herself, and her work. The story ends with a bit of a twist and a fairy tale ending. Must Buy.

It was a well written story and the setting in an Italian villa was nice. The story had a nice mature feel to it, as it dealt with different kinds of loss and trying to make the right choices in order to be happy.

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It had some nice twists that kept it from becoming predictable. I liked the switch up of making a guy the protagonist instead of it being a woman.

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I found his portrayal to be realistic considering his past and his slow by steady change to be well done. Prisoner of the Tower — Rating: — This was the best of the seven I read.

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I love historical dramas, and this fit right into that. The characters were well developed and very likable. I found myself rooting Emma on and wanting to slap Baron Greystone. The art is also a treat. I highly recommend this title and a full review will be forthcoming. Sale of Return Bride — Rating: — This was the most cliche of all the stories I read, both in story and in characters. I was predicting every story element before they happened, and the ending was no surprise.

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It was just predicatable, and that lowered the enjoyment for me. Good Way to Kill an Hour. The Middle Eastern setting and situation with the female protagonist was different from the other titles I read, and I did find it refreshing.

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