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The elderly man, who could hardly see, chased him away with intransigence. He had wanted to turn over to his son the reins of the printing house that had allowed them to live in the peripheral kingdom of Madrid. The old man would repeat it at every family reunion or gathering among friends. That he would do it while his wife was still alive made sense; he was a man of means who considered himself a representative of good parents and enjoyed projecting that self-image.

When she died, he began to bombard his son with incessant nagging about how he should succeed him in the printing house, even planning the steps to follow once he was established as a promising young man, a description that a father hopes to hear of his progeny.

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The son became fearful and flew off to where the sister of his deceased mother lived, leaving the caged raccoon behind. Irene de Lima also tries to avoid the old man and his complaints about the filth and disarray which, according to him, pervade the household. Besides the living room, kitchen and bathroom, the only room with any signs of life is hers. Any hints of the past like pictures or keepsakes are boxed up and occupy half of the garage, where a car resembling one of those time capsules which no longer appear in science fiction movies, oxidizes.

Irene de Lima cleans the boxes every week while on the other side of the house, I speak warmly to Odo, sweep up his shit, and beg him to not bite me. In the mornings, the work was more relaxed compared to the suicide mission that was Odo. Chinarro, who could probably name their next album Music for Animals or Dog Walker. I took advantage of the time to read, listen to music or concentrate on the face of a girl who could transport me to a happy place. At times I would get distracted and observe the adolescent girls fleeing from school and wasting their time at the playground nearby, singing popular radio hits of the day and leafing through glossy magazines.

The boys who came to meet up with them would chime in singing the same songs and smoking hash. What was this group of spray-tanned and varnished-in-gel teenagers rebelling against? Against the speed of the motorcycles that whiz by the streets of their brick houses? Adolescence: a period of failures and small victories which one exaggerates to pad the walls of memory. My memories of those years are gigantographies of vague details. Creo que eso es algo que Esto no les es posible a los cubanos, que a duras penas pueden comunicarse con sus familias en la isla.

Son exilados, no inmigrantes. Esto no se puede olvidar. Soy el primer exilado que recibe ese tipo de reconocimiento, y lo he recibido sin hacer concesiones. Se quedaron los sumisos y los mediocres que medraron gracias a su colaboracionismo. La pelota cobra arraigo en Cuba entre el final de la primera guerra de independencia, , y el principio de la segunda, Soy optimista y pienso que a la larga el veredicto del tiempo es implacable. A largo plazo llega a imponerse de todos modos.

Pictures have been around longer than the written word, and some of the earliest written languages were carved in imagery instead of sound or text. I also like comics because there is actually more to read in a comic than a book. In a comic you obviously read the words, but you read the words in relationship to an image.

You then have to read the visual relationship between panels. My current mini-comic is a science fiction story called The Nu-U about a future where your physical appearance is entirely customizable. A woman named Vega uses the technology to transform herself into different men in order to get the attention of another woman she is attracted to at the bar.

She eventually discovers that the woman is not all what she appears to be either. I have always been interested in science fiction because based off of our current technology boom I imagine a distant future where science will eventually be indistinguishable from magic. I hope that by disguising a story about gender in a farcical science fiction setting it says more about our current technological setting with services like Second Life available where identity and gender are fluid and precarious.

De lo cual se deduce: El cuerpo, que es de agua, clama por su agua. El cuerpo, que es de aire, clama por su aire. El cuerpo, que es de fuego, clama por su fuego. Obtuvo su doctorado en la Universidad de Michigan. El cocodrilo trama. Yo fante r triun o m a ia de Histor ou. Idioma, m aroma: redoma encantad a. Lengua, mengua: ambigua trastada.

In , he published his first novel Alicia, esto es el capitalismo. When he tilted his head back, all he could see was the top of the building where his daughter and the other children had been the night before, watching the lights in the distance. They looked like the fireworks in advance of the celebrations of the first of May, but with a different radiance. In the central plaza, thousands of soldiers had milled about, heaping people together. Just get into your vehicles. Do not touch anything, do not eat anything, do not drink anything.

She smiled, but when she returned her gaze to the cup, the milk seemed no less disagreeable; mainly because it had formed a thick film of scum that made her nauseous to look at. The night before, the darkness too had given way to such a thick film, but of light, which at its edges was discolored into many tones.

The houses, whitewashed by the light, suddenly seemed very old. When no one was watching, Anya turned around and emptied her cup out onto the street. That night, as the truck made its way down the roads of Kiev, she drew to the window to watch the lights above. They had been glowing all day, and now began to fade until the darkness prevailed once again.

She felt drops falling from her wide eyes. The rain had begun. The old man moved closer and smoothly pushed, hoping that the swing would go just a From her place in bed, Natashenka could only reach up to hug him. That day, Aliaksei Paulovich took the bus that was closest to the checkpoint 85 kilometers from Pripyat. Listening to their laughter as he moved away from the lookout point, Aliaksei made his way around obstacles in the path until he found himself at a statue: the white egg that stood at the beginning of the roadway running through the zone.

Aliaksei looked at it for a moment; it was like a headstone with no name. He took the map out of his pocket.

He had enough food and water with him for three days, maybe four; at which point he would have to find other sustenance. When he collected some wood for a fire, it had no hint of the usual damp scent of a tree. He put it in his bag anyway, and kept walking. She was more quiet than usual. As you all know, there has been an unfortunate event…the accident at the nuclear plant at Chernobyl.

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